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Mommy in Red


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You may have noticed the growing trend in red lipstick. It's not new and it didn't go anywhere... but it's making a comeback for sure. I'd like to say that I was on top of the trend but that's not true. Back in March I bought a pretty reddish pinkish retro tube of lipstick from Lancome. I wore it a few times before I talked myself out of it. I loved wearing it but I started to doubt if I could pull it off. In the later summer months I started playing around with some other colors and decided something. If I want to wear lipstick I should get to wear lipstick! It all goes back to the little girl who smears her moms lipstick all over her "lips". I want to look grown up and beautiful. Hopefully this time around I don't make such a mess! I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's ok to take lipstick risks! Don't be so self conscious! Let the lipstick do the talking! When you find a shade you love, own it.

At this point you may be thinking "Wow. A post completely about ground breaking..." So here's the thing. Mom life is messy and sweaty. It comes with spit up, poop, pee, and snot. At the end of a good day, we may only be covered in ONE of those things. Mom life is stressful. From 2 kids to 10, from babies to teenagers, mom life is tough. So there is NOTHING wrong with getting excited over a cute (non yoga pant) outfit, or finding a pretty new shade of lipstick or buying yourself a pair of high heels...Even when you know you may only wear them 3 times a year.

Mommies, you show the world how beautiful you are on the inside every day. It's ok to show them how beautiful you are on the outside too.

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