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Deck Them Halls

Now what kind of mommy-blogger would I be if I didn't have at least one Christmas DIY?

I have TWO.


1. Christmas Corsages and Boutonnieres

Hosting a party? Make these for your guests! I made these for the teens on the Christmas dance committee for our church. A little special something for them to remember that special night!

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCWhat you'll need: Christmas flowers, floral tape, fabric glue or glue gun, wire cutters, ribbon and straight pins.

-Take small groupings of your flowers and wrap floral tape around the bottoms. The tape should be tight and secure.

-If you're making a're done. Just use straight pins to wear.

-If you're making a corsage... you'll then glue your flowers to the ribbon. Let the glue dry 24hrs before you wear

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Boom. Done.

2. Hipster Garland

Tinsel is annoying and actual garlands make a mess. So I made my own. The easy non mess kind.


SONY DSC SONY DSCWhat you'll need: Hemp or string, scrapbook paper, and double sided tape.

-Cut the amount of hemp you want for your garland.

-Then cut circles from your scrapbook paper. Stop once you begin to worry about carpel tunnel. Then you know you've made enough.

-Sandwich the circles together with the double sided tape with the hemp in the middle.

-Keep going!

-Ok now you're done!

SONY DSCI used gold so it would sparkle with the lights. Why do I call it hipster garland? Probably because I can't cut circles.

SONY DSCIt's a nice place to display Christmas cards too.

Have fun!