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Five Favorites Vol. 19


Feels so good to be back to my Five Favorites! This week my favorites are mostly all birthday related. Because you know... I love my birthday haha. I gotta make it last ok?! Having your bday so close to Christmas is rough!

1. Party Attire

photo 4 photo 5So since I was turning 25, we called my birthday party a "Quarter Quell". Hunger Games attire was highly encouraged. My outfit was inspired by Katniss/District 12. My besets friend of all time dressed as Effie.

2. Random Cards

photo 1My friend Kate and I love to exchange and give random cards. This was Kate's card to me. Amazing. Not quite as amazing as a "Congrats on your Citizenship" card but it'll do haha.

3. Pretty Presents

photo 1 photo 2Got this from my sister Marisa. It smells just like my favorite flower (roses) and it feels wonderful too!

photo 1 photo 2Birthday presents to myself... Love love love Bobbi Brown so I used some I mean all my Christmas money to treat myself. Sorry I'm not sorry.

4. Date Night

photo 2 photo 3Thanks to the suggestion of some friends, my husband and I went to this delicious little pizza shop on my birthday (Jan. 6th). Then we went out for drink with Andrew's brothers. It was so much fun. I love spending time with them.

5. Verily

580579_526533030787072_1236855205_n 1503994_539463812827327_1137434717_nVerily Magazine has these awesome quotes on their FB page. The bottom one really speaks to me. Sometimes I wonder why this blogging thing is so important to me...Then I remember.

Happy Wednesday Friends!