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Birth Blessing

Yesterday I had the honor of holding a baby shower for my good friend Carly. She and her husband Patrick are expecting their first baby at the end of January and I couldn't be more happy for them. I've known Patrick since our high school days in the homeschool group and I met Carly in college. As God would have it, they met one night, went to the zoo the next day, and the rest was history.

For Carly's shower, we did things a little differently. While everyone showered her with presents, we also showered her with prayer. My friend Kate found this awesome "Catholic Birth Blessing" and we decided to incorporate it within the shower. There are 3 main parts to the actual birth blessing...

1) There is a formal prayer recited by the leader (this is all approved by the Church btw!)

2) Within that formal prayer, everyone writes down their intentions for the mommy and the baby. Then everyone reads their intentions out loud and places a bead on the string. Then a bracelet is formed for the mommy to wear when she is in labor. The bracelet will remind her that we are all praying for her!

3) Everyone takes home a candle with the instructions that as soon as they know Carly is in labor, they are to light their candle and pray for her and the baby! Isn't that awesome? Everyone at the shower gave me their cell numbers so I can just do a mass text when it's time!!

What is SO cool about this is that you can do this for any pregnant mommy. It can be her first baby or her seventh baby! Obviously there are variations to this birth blessing. Like the homeschool group that I grew up in would invite the women together for Mass or the rosary and "shower" the pregnant mommies with prayer. You can read more on the blessing we did here.

Labor is tough. And it doesn't hurt to get all the help you can!


An event like this requires coffee haha.SONY DSC

Table decor, complete with Anthro candle. Peter pulled on the table cover in case you can't tell.SONY DSC

Lemon water and cute straws. Photo-bomb by my phone. Awkward... SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Mimosas were had. Or sparkling OJ with mineral water. SONY DSC SONY DSC

Her prayer bracelet!SONY DSC

The washi tape is there because I bought a SmashBook for everyone to write notes of love and advice to Carly. Then she could take it home and start using it herself.  Patrick said Carly was scrapbooking with it last night! It will be great for those hospital bands and foot prints. SONY DSC

The candle with instructions... Please excuse my HORRIBLE handwriting. SONY DSC

So the rain clouds were my idea but thanks to my awesome artist husband, they became a reality. I love him. SONY DSC

photo 1

And the delicious cake made by my friend 2

I had so much fun putting together this shower! You should totally give the Birth Blessing a try too! It's beautiful and will become a lovely memory for all involved.