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Irish Twin Diaries

It's been a while since I've done an update on my Irish Twins... So here it is!

photo 3-Two highchairs now. Super cute, super messy, and double the clean up.

-James had his first solid food! On accident... Peter was trying to share his graham cracker and it was the best day of James' life.

-Peter likes to sit on James during tummy time. I freaked out the first few times and then I realized that James didn't care. Now I just let the brother bonding happen.

-Peter has a favorite book!!! This book worm mom is sooo happy. He always brings it to me so I can read it to him!

-James is currently refusing to nap. HELP ME...

-James has out grown his 6 month stuff. And he still isn't 6 months yet. So yeah...

photo 4-We've started double bath time. First of all, look at those thigh rolls ^^^.  Second of all, they love this.

-My Grandma generously bought us a double jogging stroller and it's amazing!

photo 2-Peter has a very high pitch screech/scream when he's tired and upset. Guess who has started to imitate it? You guessed it... Mr. James.

-James is so close to crawling which is both exciting and terrifying.

-How can such a small person make such a BIG mess?! Looking at you Peter....

-James has the sweetest giggles. He's like me, once he gets laughing he can't stop.

-After Peter gets his diaper changed he gives me a hug. It's my favorite.

photo 1

-I love my little spiderman.

The days are long and often trying but so very worth it.