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Five Favorites Vol.20


Linking up with Moxie Wife for my Five Favorites. This week is just a bunch of random stuff....Which is kinda what my brain has felt like these past few weeks.

1. This.


2. Winter to Spring...

I know a lot of the country is getting buried by snow but here in AZ it feels like spring. Here are some of my favorite transitional looks right now. Click on the photo for the source :)

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3. Valentines Cards

il_570xN.550203169_lax6Andrew and I don't really get into Valentines Day. It's just never been a big deal in our relationship. Not sure why. And it doesn't matter. Anyway... This card is perfect! Because we are so guilty of that haha!

4. Washi Tape.

patternwashitapeLove this stuff. I use it for everything! Click here for an awesome website that has a ton of tape!


IMG_1090First of all, I love this blog. Second of all, look at this nursery. I had no idea Star Wars could be so...cute.

We made it to Wednesday! Yay! Make sure you check out other Five Favorites if you get a chance!

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