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Ball Gowns and Flowers and Napkin Rings, OH MY!



I have another wonderful guest post for you! Jen is a beautiful bride to be and she has some awesome thoughts on the wedding planning process. She wrote this note on Facebook and I asked her if I could share it on the blog. Jen gave me the green light, so here it is. If you are a bride to this! If you're already this. I'm honored to be one of her bridesmaids!


So I read a LOT of bridal articles lately. Guilty. One I read the other day was the "seven deadly bridal sins" and one was making everything about the wedding. I considered this one for a while. I am guilty of this sin? I feel like I am to a point because I feel like I talk about the wedding and wedding related things to people but I also wonder, am I supposed to complete shut up about it? How would we get anything done? A lot of effort goes into this thing! Anyway, the point of me mentioning that is to explain that this article in particular has made me a little paranoid so now I TRY to keep the majority of wedding stuff relegated to my days off only.

So here we are, day off and getting ready to indulge in all things bridal! Bring me my delicious articles about etiquette, color palate trends, and top guest complaints! I devour them all! But what it this I see? Monique Lhuillier's new line of dresses I spy in a side panel. Do I dare? Do I click the link and go tumbling down the rabbit hole?

Here's the thing. I have tried to steer clear of wedding dresses since choosing my own. Disclaimer, I LOVE MY DRESS. It's nothing I envisioned but when I came out and saw it on me, I cried like one of those chicks in Say Yes to the Dress and it was a sealed deal! After the choice high wore off, I noticed facebook started flooding my wall with wedding stuff including but not limited to dresses. I would see a mermaid fit dress and think, "This is what I thought I would have gotten, did I make the right choice?" How dare you make me second guess myself, facebook! I had a beautiful moment with this dress! Everything flashed and I could see myself walking to my fiancée, never happier, and THIS was the dress I was wearing! MY dress! How dare you sully that moment with making me doubt myself! Then and there, I vowed to keep away from other dresses! They're pretty but dangerous temptresses! As further proof, I looked at the new Disney ones and almost had one of my bridesmaids try it on so I could see it in the flesh! She's a trooper and thankfully I came to my senses and didn't make her do that.

So back to this article. I adore Monique Lhuillier dresses. Classic but fashionable and always a dream. So fine, I buckled and I clicked the link.

Ummmm, no? No. This isn't right. This isn't Monique Lhuillier wedding. 38 dresses. 9 are basically white cocktail dresses. The next 12 look like what I'd like JLaw to be wearing on the Oscar carpet. Then I stopped. Now, don’t' get me wrong. I am not hating on alternative dress styles. If you pick a short dress for a courthouse wedding, you're right to do so. And if your beach wedding doesn't fit with a ball gown, good choice! But when I think about these classic wedding designers, I think ball gowns, I think Princess Kate, and I think about the crap I dreamed of as a little girl.


This is an AMAZING dress. Next time I go to the Oscars, I'm wearing this dress. If we've learned anything from award shows, it's that unless there is an actual bride at the event, wear all the white you can. It looks good on all that California tan skin! This dress walking down the isle? I don't see it. Maybe if you jacked her up as they say, but this isn't bride to me.

Then it hits me. You know why this isn't bride to me? This isn't what I was raised on.


Now that's a bride!

It's all making sense now! No matter what I think of as pretty or trendy, I've fallen prey to the oldest trick in the book, my upbringing!

Here's my rambling point: There is no right and wrong for your wedding! There's only your hopes and dreams! I've been thinking of this day since I first realized I was looking for my prince! (Somewhere between Robert Conrad ripping his pants on Wild Wild West and Prince Eric risking it all for the love of his life) Guess what? I FOUND HIM! Everything else falls in place no matter how many articles I read or dresses I look at. There is no second guessing. Our venue CAN'T be wrong because it's OUR venue! If he's wearing a bowtie, a skinny tie, or a cape it doesn't matter because he's still him!

I guess the whole point of this is don't let weddings become bigger than the two of you. THAT should be number 8 on the list of bridal sins and I vow RIGHT NOW to never again let that happen to me!

Here's my list of Wedding must haves. Everything that happens after is just icing on the cake!

1) Wake up

2) Get married

3) Be married for the rest of time

Happily ever after...



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