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Five Favorites Vol. 21

You guys!!! Things are absolutely crazy around here. The sickness rages on and I'm at a complete loss of how to make any of this better. Peter was up at 5:00 a.m. It's now 9:42 and he is down for his "nap". My whole day is based around his nap and now it's happening at a different time!! What is going on?! So while I stare into the face of chaos, I'll do my Five Favorites for this week.

My Five Favorite things on my kitchen table or that have at least been on my table at some point in the last 48hrs.

Right now you're like "Wow, are you going to tell us your five favorite names from the phonebook next week?!"



Wait...What is a phonebook?

1. Thank You Notes

IMG_3106I'm trying to be a lot better about thanking people for their generosity. Plus, I love snail mail so yeah.

2. Lucky

IMG_3117When I was pregnant with Peter I subscribed to Lucky because I had a lot of time on my hands. Now that time is gone but I still get the magazines. Somehow I found 15 minutes to read the new issue and it was so nice.

3. Anthro Candles

photo-8So it's kinda cold in Tucson again. Light ALL the candles!!

4. HeartIMG_3119This is the next print I plan on framing. It's a good thing to be reminded of... especially on days like this. I mean even if I don't start my day like this at least I'm TRYING.

5. Valentines Candy

IMG_3125Picked up a few bags of sugar at Target. This was basically my lunch yesterday. Oh and I stopped at Starbucks and they gave me a little coupon for Valentines day! Isn't that nice. Coffee and chocolate are the most important food groups in the mom pyramid. And wine. Don't forget wine.

Ok. Time to try and get some laundry put away.