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I Know That Love Means....


I thought about writing something really deep and moving about Valentines day for this post.


Maybe not so much. I mean I have chocolate and cookies to eat! But...This is what I know after two and a half years of marriage...


I know love is your wedding day where time stands still and nothing could steal your joy.

I know that love is the first sonogram and hearing that little heartbeat.

I know that love is when Andrew gets up with Peter at 5:00 a.m. and lets me sleep a little longer.

I know that love is when James stops in the middles of nursing to simile at me and touch my face.

I know love is when Peter runs to me with arms wide open when I come home.

I know love is when Andrew tells me he's going to bring someone in to clean our house.

I know love is racing to the hospital at 1:30 a.m. so that you don't deliver in the car.

I know that love can be complicated but it is worth the fight.

I know that love involves self-sacrifice.

I know love is folding laundry and cleaning toilets.

I know love involves late night discussions.

I know that love is messy diapers and sticky floors.

I know love means lots of laughter and lots of tears.

I know love means that newborn cry in the middle of the night.

I know that love is bags under your eyes and text messages that don't make any sense.

I know that love is doing the dishes and changing smoke alarms.

I know love means compromise.

I know that love means my husband was my first kiss and he will be my last.

I know that love means I have a lot more to learn.... and that's just fine by me.


Happy Valentine's Day!

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