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Thank Goodness For Pink


Thank goodness for pink. I'm not talking about Victoria Secret's PINK or breast cancer awareness. I'm not talking about the whole gender colored toys (i.e. legos) or the color I want to paint the walls (which would NEVER be pink btw). I'm talking about that nasty pink medicine you get as a kid called amoxicillin. I hated that stuff when I was little. I think it smells and tastes like bananas and if it isn't an actual banana, I won't eat it. Anyway...Here I am as a mom with a sick kid on my hands who needs the pink stuff (as I like to call it) and I couldn't be more thankful for it.

Poor Peter is battling pneumonia. It happened so fast! He had a cold a couple weeks back and I thought he was better. But over the weekend he developed a cough that just got worse and worse. So today I brought him into the doctor's office and he was prescribed the pink stuff. I'm just so thankful for modern medicine! As a mom, when your child is sick there is only so much you can do. Every time Peter coughed I felt like crying. However, now he is on the mend and health is on it's way back.

Thank God for the pink stuff.