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Five Favorites Vol. 23


Totally taking a trip down memory lane today.... My friend Stephanie is in town so I've been showing her a lot of my favorite places. Most of those places have been bringing back a lot of memories and things I hadn't thought about in years! That's one really great thing about social media, the ability to keep those memories and pictures right at your finger tips. So for today, I decided to do a Five Favorites "Throw Back" edition!

1. My Family

6333_105332083387_7764269_nThis was in 2009 right before celebrating my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.

2. Andrew

331_27043583387_1310_n2008....We had just started hanging out in this picture. Why am I wearing my hood? No idea. But a few years later...

3. More Andrew

377711_10150352309148388_1750640947_nWe'd be at the same restaurant, in the same seats, just this time...married. And no weird hood.

4. Engaged

164100_471351528387_1069824_nMatthew Priestly did our engagement photos back in 2010. I had so much fun and they turned out so well! Look at how skinnnyyyy I was lol.

5. My Babies

1069981_10151552638048388_320988347_nSo this is only 7 months ago but both boys already look so different and more grown up. Such a happy day...

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