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Good Life Choices


215533_10150165913693388_2422197_nThis picture is the most recent race I've done...  April 2011.

That title up there ^^? Total sarcasm.

Guess who is running a cold turkey 5k on Saturday?!

This girl!

Good life choice right? Right?! RIGHT?!

I had been training I promise! January was a great month of workouts and other healthy choices. And then... The super virus, that seems to make more than one appearance, made itself at home here at house Starbuck. So I haven't really done much running in weeks. At this point I'm just hoping my 12+ years of swimming will kick in and my legs will remember how to be athletic. I remember the runs we would go on in college. The worst ones were at the beginning of the school year when it was still 115 degrees outside and THAT was the perfect time to run. There was a run that pretty much made me delirious and I had to pee so bad but the control over my bodily functions was failing fast. I can't exactly remember due to the deliriousness, but I'm pretty sure I peed myself. I just remember finishing the run and not having to go anymore. Soooo I guess that answers that question!

Anyway... I'm trying to find a "point" to this but I'm coming up empty. I guess it's just one of those things where I tell you that life happens. This is another perfect example of my planning going out the window. And that's totally fine. My boys are a much higher priority than running.

Don't worry I'll keep you updated because this is going to be FUN....

Finally... I totally wish I would have seen these before Lent (no shopping during Lent!). Either one would be perfect or all three. These tanks from River Imprints are now on my wish list.

il_570xN.559906161_se0y il_570xN.564301449_k1tq 81d8cb31ed13d0ac4d910c71929479de

Time to do a little hydrating and stretching and pretend that I know what I'm doooinggggg.