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Five Favorites Vol. 24


Today we are in Phoenix for a very special ground breaking ceremony! Andrew has been doing design work for an upcoming assisted living care facility called Villa Fatima. Today the building begins! We are so excited to be apart of this. Villa Fatima will be a Catholic care center that is very much needed. After the ground breaking there is a fancy schmancy dinner and I'm looking forward to getting dressed up. But before all the fun begins...here are my Five Favorites for the week!

1) Lovely Consumerism

photo 1I almost bought this magazine because of the gorgeous cover. However, I resisted and took a picture instead. But seriously how lovely is that? Spring flowers, pretty perfume bottles and gorgeous nail polish! You almost got me Real Simple Magazine....you almost got me.

2) My Husband's Crazy Talent

photo 5

My husband was contacted my Mark Hart to do some art work for his new book on JP2. And would you look at that! There it is!! So proud of my husband and his amazing talent. Keep your eye out for this little gem at the Life Teen online store. I'm sure it will be up soon!

3) Baby Clothesphoto 3Ummmm so James is wearing this for the dinner after the ground breaking. It will be "cray cray adorbs...."

4) Smells of Springphoto 4My parents got me this perfume after my graduation and I've done my best to make it last! But now I'm almost out! This perfume was made specifically for Audrey Hepburn so when I wear it I make sure I have a wide brim hat, pearls and big sunglasses.

5) It Is Well

photo 2

This book is incredible. The story of Chris and Angela Faddis is breathtakingly beautiful and gloriously sorrowful as well. I won't give too much away but I will say that you must read this book. Such an important reminder (or slap in the face) to TRUST and realize that we must let go...and let God.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! Make sure you stop by Moxie Wife for more Five Favorites!