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The Lemon Bag

After I had my son Peter, my friend Kate came to visit me in the hospital and she came bearing gifts. She filled a giant tote with all these amazing things she thought I would want while recovering in the hospital and at home. She gave me lotion, shower bombs (which smelled amazing), cookies from one of my favorite bakeries, face wipes, socks and a bottle of wine. I mean the list goes on. She spoiled me and it was awesome. After that, a new tradition was born. When Kate was in the hospital after delivering her first born son, I brought her the same tote filled with a lot of the same stuff. The tote has lemons on it and so we got really creative and named it the "Lemon Bag". We then said that whenever someone in our group of friends has a baby, the rest of us will fill the bag with goodies and bring it to her in the hospital. I have now had the bag twice and it is currently in the possession of our good friend Carly. Carly will hold onto the bag until one of our other friends has a baby. Does this make sense?

The idea behind this bag is to just make those first few days/weeks after delivery a little easier. Life is so crazy after a new baby and spoiling the momma can make a huge difference. It doesn't matter if it is the first baby or the seventh, a mommy needs support! Start a Lemon Bag with your fellow mommies or just think about doing a little goodie bag for your prego friends.

Wondering what to include in the bag? Here is what we put in it for Carly...

SONY DSC -Dry Shampoo: Because showering isn't always an option after having a baby

-Chapstick: Because who likes dry or chapped lips?

-Lotion: Because it just feels good to moisturize.

-Air Freshener: Because hospitals smell bad. Or you can use it next to the baby's diaper pail. Whichever works.

-Almonds: Because nursing hunger is just as intense as prego hunger.

-Wine: Because of course. SONY DSC -Warm And Fuzzy Socks: Because hospitals get cold and pretty socks just make you feel better.

-Extra Baby Wipes: Because hospitals give you newborn diapers but they don't give you wipes... What?

-Herbal Tea: Because labor can is intense! You need something calming and relaxing for afterwards.

-Trail Mix: Because like I said above...the hunger that comes with breastfeeding is no joke.

SONY DSC-An Extra Tote: Because you get so much more crap at the hospital and you don't have a bag to take it all home in. A foldable tote is a must.

-Face Wipes: Because you're going to have a lot of guests and it's nice to just freshen up on the spot. Also, depending on what kind of labor you've had, you might not be up and walking to the bathroom to wash your face. These can help.

-Deodorant Shampoo And Conditioner: Because even though you've double checked your hospital bag 3 billion times, it is still possible to forget a few essentials. (Pregnancy brain amIrightoramIright?)

-More Snacks: Because SURPRISE! You'll be starving and hospital food sucks.

SONY DSC*drum roll*


All those items are just suggestions. In my last bag Kate was super generous and included the most amazing nursing tank ever. She also included a few tiny presents for Peter to open so he would feel special even when his baby bro was getting all the attention. So get creative! Play off of what the mommy likes/dislikes. There are no rules! This is just a little encouragement to love and support motherhood every chance you get.