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Five Favorites Vol. 25


It's my 25th time linking up with Hallie's Five Favorites! Woooo! Confetti! Balloons! Champagne!

Ok...Maybe no champagne. Or balloons or confetti. But it's fun to look back and see all the previous posts! This is such a fun link up. So often I find a little something that I want to share with you but it isn't quite big enough for it's own blog post. So... I put it in my Five Favorites! Another bunch of random stuff today. A little bit sweet and a little bit of summer...And caffeine. Always caffeine.

1) Sunglassesphoto 2 photo 3I'm done driving and squinting at the same time. The Arizona sun is burning my eyes on a daily basis. It's time make sure I don't develop some sweet cataracts.  Then I'll be stuck with some awesome old people sunglasses. I KNOW you know what I'm talking about...

2) Dark Chocolate Pretzels

photo 1Found these guys at Trader Joe's. Then I made the mistake of eating them. In one sitting. Just kidding!! But they are so good that I could probably eat them all at once. But I won't. I could. But I won't.

3) Headbandsphoto 2I think I've talked about these before but the headbands from Oh Sweet Joy are my favorite. I spend most days with my hair in a bun or a ponytail so it's nice to add a little something to my up-do haha. And hide my un-showered head. Perfect.

4) Biscotti photo 1Biscotti from my favorite italian restaurant. It's a family owned restaurant and the biscotti is amazing. Last time we were there we  brought some home. I may or may not have been eating it for breakfast for the past couple weeks.

5) Provision Coffee

photo 4

IMG_3946Last week at the ground breaking ceremony they had the most delicious coffee. This is from their mission statement "Provision Coffee is a faith-based, specialty coffee company that maintains direct relationships with farmers in developing countries in an effort to benefit their communities." I wish there was a Provision coffee in Tucson!


What?! It's only FIVE FAVORITES! Well, I can't say too much right now but I've got something really fun in the works! So keep stopping by Barista Mommy for more details!

No I'm not pregnant haha.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!