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Down The Rabbit Hole...



In 2011 my boss approached me looking for a big idea. He wanted to have some sort of fundraiser that would set up the church youth program for the whole year. It took just a few days before the idea of Starry Night was born. I told my boss that I thought a gala with a silent and live auction would probably do the trick. There were several wrinkles to iron out but the planning began. I honestly had no idea where to start but thankfully I had several people join my committee that were pros. That first year was nothing short of amazing. Everyone who helped the event come together was truly devoted to the cause and gave everything they possibly could. The second one was even better which is why I am so excited for the event this year...


This whole experience is still a learning process and I'm committed to making this event better and better every time. This year the event is called Starry Night in Wonderland. It will be on April 26th starting with cocktail hour at 5:30. I am really looking forward to sharing this evening with you either here on the blog or in person (which would be amazing!) If you're in Tucson and maybe even Phoenix please consider coming to this awesome night of delicious food and drinks (21+ event), incredible silent and live auction items, live music, entertainment, and so much more. This year we are raffling off a Kindle Fire and our specialty drink is a blue margarita called "The Mad Hatter". Ready to buy tickets to an awesome event? Click here or on the image above!

A few days ago I was playing around with the center pieces and some of the decor and I decided to snap a few pictures as a little teaser. As you can see I had some help from a certain little Mad Hatter...



SONY DSCLittle man took some pictures with my camera and a little help. These are "behind the scenes" shots haha.

SONY DSC SONY DSCCan't wait to see you there!!