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Five Favorites Vol. 26

I've always loved taking pictures. Lately I've been trying to improve my photography skills on both my camera and my phone. Not trying to make a career out of it, I just want to make my pictures better for photo albums! And let's be real...for right here on the blog too!

The past few weeks I've been playing around with black and white. Most of the time I'll just make a picture black and white when I didn't like how it looked in color. And that's fine but I wanted to challenge myself. So I decided to start taking pictures with the purpose of making them black and white.

These five pictures are my current favorite black and white photos. Linking up with Hallie of course! Oh and these were done on my iPhone btw.

1) Light.


2) Lines.IMG_3952

3) Life.

photo 1

4) Little.photo 2

5) Love.photo 3

Have a wonderful Wednesday friends!