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What I Wore Sunday

Tile floors are the worst. On Friday night Peter dove off the side of the couch and got himself a GIANT goose egg. It looked cartoonish it was so big. I'm sure if we had carpet it wouldn't have been much better but still. Tile can be so unforgiving. However, today I was extremely grateful for the tile. I won't get into too much detail but let's just say one of the boys had an explosive diaper and well....it was bad. Like toxic bad. Thankfully, it was easily cleaned off the tile. If we didn't have tile, I think I'd be asking Andrew for new carpet. ASAP. Ok end rant/praise of tile floor.

Yeah so that pretty much sums up the weekend we had. Crazy craziness. Blog projects, house projects, church projects and of course family time in between all the chaos.

So many exciting things are happening! In case you missed it, my sister and I started on a super fun blogging adventure that you can see here! THEN, I have a super awesome blog post coming later this week! I am really looking forward to sharing my recent project with you (no I'm not pregnant). My husband's youth group has retreat this weekend, and then easter (!!!), and then Starry Night! So things won't be slowing down until May...And then wedding season! Gah, can't think that far ahead! Time to take a deep breath and focus on the present moment.

Though everything was nuts I still wanted to make sure I could join in on the What I Wore Sunday link up! It's been too long haha.

SONY DSC SONY DSC Dress//ModCloth, Headband//Oh Sweet Joy SONY DSC SONY DSCHave a wonderful Monday!

I hope your to-do list gets it's butt kicked.