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Five Favorites Vol. 27


This no shopping for Lent thing is killing me..... Does that mean I'm doing it right? Anyway, for my Five Favorites I picked out things I currently have my eye on. Am I going to buy ALL the things after Easter? No that would be silly. Just consider this my current wish list. Items will be crossed off at a reasonable rate haha. Pictures are linked to their lovely sources!

1) Nap Time Diaries.

Slide1_8fa96db6-b629-4ef0-8aaf-6de0515f564d_largeI love this print. The verse, the colors, everything!

2) Tulle!!Screen_shot_2014-03-03_at_12.57.22_PM_1024x1024Isn't this peachy color amazing! The yellow and lavender have also stolen my heart...

3) Sandals.

SandalsIn Arizona you're wearing sandals 10 months out of the year. Needless to say, my current sandals are worn thin and now it's time to pick out a pair for SuMmEr 2o14! #memz #love (<-- Joking about that last part. I hope you knew that but just in case you didn't...)

4. Coffee Mugs.mugsThese beauties are on sale over at Anthro. I really want to mix up my mugs. Right now all my coffee cups are boring. I want some colorful ones for my Instagram pictures duh! (<--Not kidding).

5) Kimonos!

KimonoMy sister and I were joking about how when we see a kimono we automatically think of Mia Thermopolis' mother from Princess Diaries. Any one else get that reference? Anyone? Buller? I really want one! Or five.

Ok. Back to work! I have a really big post going live tomorrow that you don't want to miss!!! Oh and don't forget to stop by and say hi to Hallie!