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Forever In Converse


When I was swimming in college, every year the parents would get us a gift before conference (at the time it was PAC 10's, now it's PAC 12's). My junior year the parents gave all the girls a red pair of converse. It was an amazing feeling walking into the pool as a team and the matching footwear was the cherry on top. Even though two pregnancies have taken their toll on these size

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6 feet, they still fit. I wear these babies whenever I get the chance.

Now....since I've got this "no pants for lent thing" going on, I had to figure out how to still wear my chucks! Then I remembered a really cute dress from Urban Outfitters that was hanging out in my closet and decided it was just asking to be worn with my converse.

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCI love the cut and flare of this dress! It hides my pregnancy "leftovers" pretty well.

Unfortunately Urban only has one pattern and one size left in this dress that you can find here. If you're curious about the length, I'm 5'6. Hopefully that helps because the model on the website must be a giant. For similar dresses see here, here, and here.

I will wear these shoes until they have holes. And then I'll buy a new pair and pretend they're the same pair. You know. The old dead goldfish swap.

Well on that delightful note.... Time for another cup of coffee. Woot!