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Summer Weddings

Short little post this morning to go with your cup of coffee! We are finally feeling normal again after the craziness that was this weekend. Andrew worked a half day yesterday which meant the boys were totally off schedule and that meant I was off schedule too haha. But it was nice because Andrew watched the boys while I ran some errands. I am so ridiculously fast when I don't have the boys with me! I swear I did everything in record time.

Anywho... just wanted to take some time this morning and share with you a couple wedding invites we received in the mail recently. Both invites are very different but reflect the two couples well. These invites came within a day of each other and I am super excited for May and June! With so many options out there it is fun to see the type of invites that a couple decides on.


 This first invite is so classic and elegant! I felt super important opening the envelope haha. The blush pink paired with the black is just so stunning!


This invite is so cute! My favorite part is the response card which includes some fun ad libs for the the bride and groom to read! And how adorable is the bicycle for two?! Love it.

Let the fun begin!