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Behind The Scenes: Easter Brunch

Good morning!! So much to do today! Sometimes I feel like if I tell you how much I have to do, it will magically be cut in half. Or that maybe I'll actually get it done. *sigh*. So before I get going for the day, I thought I share some of the behind the scenes photos from my Easter Brunch shoot.

SONY DSC I purchased some simple white picture frames from Michaels and spray painted them gold. Michaels is a really great place for frames because they have pretty good sales and deals. For these frames, it was buy one and get one free! SONY DSCAt Michaels I also found these adorable milk bottles. They were just a dollar each.


SONY DSC Then I filled the gold frame with scrapbook paper and a colorful card from Treat. So simple. They decorated the serving table but then they became more wall art for the house! However, the house is sadly lacking pictures of James so I'll probably be replacing the cards with some pictures of that cutie. SONY DSC SONY DSCThese are the cards I used. Some went into making the centerpiece and others went in the frames. I love using/reusing greeting cards! I actually put all the cards from my bridal shower and wedding into a scrapbook. The cards were just so pretty and I wanted to have those sweet words from friends and family forever...

So it's now Easter break for this Barista Mommy! Have a blessed Easter lovely readers!