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Starbuck Easter

I am almost positive that Peter is still in a sugar hangover from Easter Sunday haha. It's not even 9:00 yet and he is already a hot toddler mess. Oh and James is still teething. And my kitchen is a disaster. AND something in this house is making everything smell like a dirty diaper and I can't find it!!!!! So yeah. Lots of fun going on here at the Starbuck household.

I just had to get up and remove the box of Easter cookies from Peter. I don't even know how he grabbed them from the counter. And now he's devastated. Yay.

But despite this 48 hr meltdown, we really had a lovely Easter. The boys enjoyed their baskets and were fairly well behaved at church. The rest of the day was filled with egg hunts, delicious food, family time, and bubbles. Sunday was just one of those wonderful days when I'm reminded of how blessed I truly am. It's easy to get caught up in the stress of everyday life, but it's important to remember the resurrection everyday, especially those tough ones (like today *cough*). Liturgically the Easter season has just begun! We have 50 days to celebrate! Does that mean a sugar coma everyday? Not a chance. But I certainly think it means when I want to give up, I need to remember that my God suffered, died and rose just for me.... So I can most definitely muscle through the toughest of days knowing the gift I've been given.


SONY DSCCookies before church. Brilliant.




SONY DSCOne of my little sisters! Not so little anymore!

SONY DSCMy bro hunting eggs like a boss. #suitup SONY DSC


Well, I just looked up from the computer to see that Peter has dumped out his entire sippy cup of formula and now James is splashing in it.