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Five Favorites Vol. 29


Well well well....This is it! Today is the last Starry Night committee meeting before the big event! I want to scream, laugh, cry and vomit all at the same time. Isn't that a lovely visual? I am excited. Promise. There is just still so much to be done! My mind is racing even more than usual. Like my brain is on the autobahn. And I'm still trying to manage my little irish twins haha. It's a good thing they're so cute.

Even though everything is cray cray right now (yeah I said cray cray whatareyougoingtodoaboutit) I found time to round up my Five Favorites!

1) My Peter Rabbit

photo 1Peter was so adorable during the egg hunt on Easter. He wasn't too crazy about the Easter bunny though. My husband captured this picture of us sizing up that giant rabbit. Pretty positive we could've taken him if we had to.

2) Dark Chocolatephoto 2Favorite Easter candy? Easy. Dove dark chocolate. Sure I can get it all year but it just tastes better shaped like an egg. Is that weird?

Don't answer that.

3) Tea

photo 3I know that it's a "breakfast" tea but I have been loving a cup of this in the afternoon. Truth time? Totally stole this box of tea from my Dad. It's his favorite in the morning. He doesn't mind though haha.

4) Cooking

photo 4When my husband and I were setting up our wedding registry, I asked for a lot of cookbooks. Good news? We got almost all of them! bad news? They're really good at collecting dust. Not these though! These two are my go to books. The top one has it's cover ripped! That just shows how much I love it. I get in a cooking rut sometimes. You know that rotation of like five different meals over and over again? Yeah these books help me out of that rut.

5) I'm Back

photo 5Found this dress at Target and bought it to break my fast from shopping. It felt good haha. And it was on sale that day for half off so it felt even better!

Ok so that's that! Remember if you're in Tucson or Phoenix, it's not to late to buy tickets to Starry Night! Have a wonderful Wednesday friends <3