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What I Wore Sunday


Hello Monday. (Said in my "Hello Newman" voice)

We are in recovery mode here at house Starbuck. Not only are we still battling illness but we're kinda in a daze from all the stress last week. Friday was devoted to getting the church hall ready for Starry Night and then Saturday was the big event. Of course we had sunshine for dayyyyssss but on Saturday it was windy and rainy. Despite the grossness that was the weather, Starry Night still went really well. I'll have more of a reflection on the night with some pictures later on this week. Right now I'm still trying to process everything! You know, figuring out what was good and what could be done better etc.

Thankfully, Sunday was blissfuly relaxing. I was up with the boys at 7:55 and had my coffee in hand by 8:00. We did a whole lot of nothing all day and it was amazing. There was also something really special about yesterday.... Not only was it Divine Mercy Sunday BUT the Church got two new saints!!! Even though we have thousands and thousands of miles between us and Rome, we could feel the excitement. Love our universal church! Anyway....Then it was time to get ready for Mass. We all threw some decent/clean clothes on and piled into the car. Before we went into church I wrestled the boys into my What I Wore Sunday pics.

SONY DSC SONY DSC Shirt//American Apparel (old), Skirt//Inspired By Tess, Shoes//Kohls (last summer) SONY DSC

SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCSo now the glow of Sunday is gone and I'm left starring at piles of dirty laundry, piles of clean laundry that hasn't been put away, Cheerios on my floor and two lithe boys who really need a bath. One thing at a time right?

St. John Paul the Great...Pray for us!

St. John the 23rd... Pray for us!