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Five Favorites Vol. 30


You know those mornings that just start going south from the moment you're awake? Yeah that's today. James is a total snot face and Peter is learning to push the boundaries, "Oh you said stop? In that case I'll keep emptying everything in your purse onto the ground.". Somehow I've managed to shower and.... um... yeah that's about it. There is certainly a lot to do. The housework, grading, grocery shopping and much more. I feel like sometimes all I ever do it tell you how much work I need to do haha. I promise I have some deep thoughtful posts planned! It's just finding the time to work on them! Yesterday Andrew had the boys for a few hours so I could get work done and it was AMAZING how much I was able to accomplish. But for now, I'm taking a deep breath and doing one thing at a time. I find that it helps to just set tiny goals during the day. And I mean TINY. For example, picking up the hallway. Great done. Now time to put a load of towels in the wash. Awesome. Cross it off the list. Does that make sense? Anyway.... Here are my Five Favorites for the week <3

1) Strawberries and Nutellaphoto 1I'm usually craving something sweet in the evening hours and this has been a favorite lately. I just put a little Nutella on a strawberry and I savor the deliciousness. Then I do that about 10 more times haha.

2) Our Wedding Album

photo 3One of Peters new favorite things is to look through our wedding album. I must admit it that it's one of my favorite things too. **Look how skinny I was!!! lol.**

3) Invitations

photo 2Planning another bridal shower! I'm getting ready to send out these adorable invites created by my husband's amazing artist brain.

4) The "idea" of drinking coffee and reading Lucky

photo 2So this morning I thought I'd peruse my latest issue of Lucky while the boys ate breakfast. Well no such luck my friends, no such luck. And that pun was terrible but totally intended.

5) Dreams and Goals

photo 1Just feeling a lot of inspiration on my heart lately. Starting to pray about a few big goals and dreams that keep coming up in my life. So I'm writing stuff down and trying to see what God has planned for me.

Ok. Peter is about to fall asleep in his highchair. Guess I should take care of that. Yay sleepy toddlers!

Happy Wednesday!