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What I Wore Sunday

Do you remember those days as a kid when you could find absolutely NOTHING to do? You wander around the house like a zombie mumbling "Been there. Done that." Of course you complain to your parents and they throw out some (great) suggestions but all you hear is "blah blah be creative blah blah outside blah blah imagination". Sound familiar? Well the funny thing is that now I would give anything for one of those days! As a family we were so busy this weekend. I mean, it was a wonderful but it was just non stop. Last night I crashed at 8:30. Like a boss. As I was laying in bed I had a brief moment of consciousness where I thought about those "boring" days as a kid. I really didn't know how good those days were haha.

Anyway.... Before our Sunday got rolling, I had my husband take my What I Wore Sunday pictures because obviously that's a must haha. I also really wanted to share this dress with you!

SONY DSCWhile searching for a bridesmaids dress I found LuLaRoe <3 This dress is so comfortable! Plus, it's a great length. Not too long and not too short. Sorry for sounding like Goldilocks but it's true.

SONY DSC It's twirlyness wakes up my inner 5 year old. SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC My husband is so sweet. He's always willing to take pictures for me <3 SONY DSCDress//LuLaRoe, Necklace and Earrings//Charming Charlie, Sunnies//Target, Shoes//OLD.

Happy Monday everyone! And cheers to the good old boring days....