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It's Ok...


Hey momma, it's ok....

It's ok if you just called your kid every name in the family but his own.

It's ok if your kitchen looks like a war zone.

photo 2

It's ok if your kid had a cake pop for lunch.

It's ok if you're on your fourth cup of coffee.

It's ok if that poop stain just won't come out.

It's ok if you lay awake wondering what school your kid will go to. And that kid is just a newborn.

It's ok if no amount of concealer can hide those circles under your eyes.

It's ok if you have every song of Daniel Tiger memorized by heart.

It's ok if you can only get through a couple pages err sentences of your book before you fall asleep.

It's ok if you haven't showered in a couple days.

It's ok if Diet Coke is your life blood.

It's ok if you're picking up toys for the hundredth time that day.

photo 1

It's ok if your kid chooses the quietest part of church to make a fart sound.

It's ok if the laundry eats you alive.

It's ok if you get take out for dinner.

It's ok if going to Target is the highlight of your week.

It's ok to miss your kids when you finally get some time to yourself.

It's ok if you haven't been able to find the remote for a couple months now.

It's ok to have a "Mom Uniform" whatever it may be.

It's ok to leave the baby sitter with a neurotic list of details and directions concerning your children.

It's ok if you're tired.

It's ok if you feel overwhelmed.

It's ok if you want to cry.

It's ok.

It's ok because you are enough.

You will always be enough.