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Five Favorites Vol. 31


Happy Wednesday!! There is much to do today around house Starbuck so my Five Favorites will be short but sweet!

1) New Hair

photo 2 photo 3After months of debating the ombre look, I finally decided to just go for it! What do you think? I really like it. I needed a change! I'll admit I was slightly terrified as I was sitting there with foil on my head but it all worked out. A big thanks to my mom for watching the boys so I could do this!

2) At the end of the day...

photo 1This was on the Oh My Darlings instagram account. Love this image and I love that quote! So so true <3 Even if most days I have tired mom eyes haha. It's the thought that counts right?

3) Waiting On Martha

designcampFound a new favorite blog! Go check it out for yourself!

4) Fruit Water

photo 1One of my favorite things is fruit water. My mom got me this ice tea maker that has a special attachment for fruit and such so you can infuse your water. So many combinations to try! Photo is c/0 Design Love Fest.

5) Red Balloons

photo 2If you're even remotely plugged into the blogging world then you may have heard about the little boy who went home to Jesus last friday. I can't even imagine the sorrow his parents are going through. You can read more of the story here. Please join me in praying for this family!!

Well friends that's all I got for today! However, get excited because next week Barista Mommy will be turning one year old! There will be lots of fun posts, important announcements and an awesome giveaway!