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New Hair Don't Care


After having James I had this urge to make a change. Nothing intense or life changing. Just... a change. However, all that came to mind was dying my hair or getting a tattoo. Getting a tattoo was pretty much out from the start. I hate needles and I honestly just don't ever see myself getting one. So dying my hair. Not a big deal right? Wrong. I haven't done anything to my hair color since high school when I got highlights. Once. Only once.

So I decided on coloring my hair. But guess what? It took me almost 10 months to get around to it. I was confident and excited going into the salon. But then, there I was laying with my head in the sink watching the same waves roll up on the same beach on the tv, listening to awful spa music, and I panicked. What was I doing?!?! I don't do stuff like this! I don't make changes to my hair! What a HORRIBLE idea. Then I began to picture all the horrible ways my hair was going to look when it was done. Yikes. I decided that this was a huge mistake. I formed a plan in my head that I would just color my whole head black if the ombre came out hideous which at this point, I was 99% sure was going to be the case.

Well. It wasn't hideous. In fact, as she dried and curled it, I found myself smirking in the mirror (the hairstylist must have thought I was crazy) because I liked it. I honestly and truly liked how my hair turned out. Now will I keep it this way? Maybe. Will I do something different next time? Possibly. All I know is that a little change is good every now and then. As mothers we give and give and give of ourselves and sometimes we forget that we need a little something special once in a while too. So it might be a new hair style, or a new healthy meal plan, or brand new dress or a new wrap for baby wearing... Whatever it might be, a little change is good! It helps during those long days, night time feedings, picky toddlers, and defiant teenagers.

Don't be afraid of a little change! You know you've got some unconditional love that will be there no matter what. Even if it comes in the form of sticky fingers and dirty diapers.

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