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Passion Fruit


SONY DSCOk so this is me as most of you are well aware.

Over the past year I have come to realize that I really enjoy blogging. However, blogging can be challenging while trying to take care of two adorable little babies. Making time for Barista Mommy is hard. My family comes first and I have no problem putting the blog on the back burner while I tend to what's most important. I usual edit photos at night and write during nap times. Sometimes I can squeeze in a little work while they're playing but that usually doesn't last long. Plus I have my two part time jobs to work on as well.

This Barista Mommy is busy.

So I had an idea.


After a year of blogging I've decided to open up some ad space. You can now buy a pretty little piece of real-estate on Barista Mommy. All ads will be placed on the right sidebar. For sizing and pricing you can go over to the "contact" page. (Media Kit available upon request)


I've decided to go through Passion Fruit because many bloggers that I look up to use this program and I trust their expertise. Plus they are so customer friendly and they've made this whole thing ridiculously easy. Through an ad or two, I'd love to be able to help support small businesses and other bloggers out there as well! The internet is big and we have to work together. So if you have a product or content on your blog that meshes well with mine, grab up a Tall, Grande, or a Venti!

SONY DSCNow I'm not expecting to get a ton of sponsors right away but I just wanted to have something set up "just in case" there is interest. I'm also not expecting to be able to make enough money for a dream vacation or what not. I'm just hoping that to make a little something to help my sweet family. Maybe pay a couple bills or grab some groceries. The every day stuff you know? With the amount of time and love that I put into this little blog I realized that in order to continue, I was going to have to grow. I think that this is a good place to start.

SONY DSCWell. That's that! This was the big announcement I was alluding to last week (sorry to disappoint). But...there is still time for you to enter the awesome blog birthday give away!

photo 3These pretty little things need a home!

The giveaway closes tomorrow at midnight.

Have a gorgeous weekend!!