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Irish Twin Diaries


I realized that it's been a while since I did an update on my irish twins haha. The last couple days I've been taking a step back and just watching them. I watch them play, eat, and sleep all day but this was different. I was really watching. I saw their little hands and little feet moving about. I saw their brains trying to work out problems and form words. It is just simply amazing. These little guys depend on me completely. It's a scary yet incredible thought all at the same time. Sometimes I can't believe that God would entrust me with such an important job....All I can do is give my very best to these boys every day and that's exactly what I do.

Ok so what are these two little stinkers up to?

photo 2

-Peter decided that emptying the dirty laundry basket was a good idea. James decided that rolling around in the dirty laundry was an even better 3-They are quickly becoming best friends and partners in crime.

-James has both bottom and front teeth and occasionally decides to bite into my lunch lady arms.

-Peter has a favorite alphabet book. At the end he (kinda) sings the alphabet with me. So incredibly sweet.

-Both boys love being read to.

photo 3

-Peter will look at me and say "cheese!", which means he wants me to take his picture.

photo 2

-James eats a lot and will occasionally double fist baby food.

photo 1

-This should come as no surprise but both boys really love swimming.

photo 4

-Peter will hide snacks around the house in order to "save them for later". What he doesn't realize is that James actually finds them and eats his secret stash.

-Peter is also currently the King of Carbs. I'm working on sneaking healthy food into his meals!

-James is getting really close to walking but in the meantime, his knees and feet are covered in dirt from all the crawling he does. He's just trying to keep up with Peter haha.

photo 1-Peter loves to fall asleep on the couch for nap time. It's really sweet.

-When Peter wakes up from his nap he immediately asks for James. Then when James wakes up from his nap he always gives the sweetest smile to Peter.

-In July, Peter will be two and James will be one! Unbelievable!