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Makeup Routine


From age 10-22 I was constantly in the pool swimming. That meant that makeup pretty much never made it onto my face except for the weekends. Even that is pushing it..."Special occasions" is more like it. Anyway, once I was done swimming, not much changed in the makeup department. Most days I'm just chasing the boys around the house very unglamorously. However, when we go out with friends or go somewhere nice, I'll put forth the effort.

I was going to share a mommy friendly 5 minute routine or something like that but I decided not to. Honestly, as a mom, when are you able to accomplish anything in 5 straight minutes?! Someone always needs you. Interruptions are the name of the game. This would be my routine...

-Under eye concealer

-James poops.


-Peter needs a drink of water.


-James slips on the water I gave Peter to drink.


-Peter wants a snack.


-James steals Peter's snack and now they're both crying.

Sooooo I decided to just show you my three makeup "levels". The "basic" for a causal outing, the "advanced" for the days I look like death warmed over, and the "fancy" for the very special days.

Level 1

photo 1You're all like "THAT IS LEVEL ONE?!" Yeah it is. My face is complicated ok?

First things first! Under eye concealer. Big dark bags run in the family and this stuff from MAC really helps.

photo 4

Ok, next is foundation. Most days it's the BB cream and on weekends it's Bobbi Brown because that stuff is expensiveeeeeee.

photo 3

Second up...Powder! Which you can see in the first picture. It's the little brown MAC circle. Yeah no close up for this guy. Remember what I was saying about interruptions? That's why powder got shafted haha.

Then blush! Lot's of women are terrified by blush. It really comes down to the right color and a good brush. I love my Bobbi Brown blush.

photo 5

Then finally mascara (Bobbi Brown in first picture).

Boom. Done.

Now if I need a little something extra I'll bump it up to the advanced level, which is basically all that^^^ and then MAC finishing powder. The powder goes in a moon shape around the eye. I also add a little to my forehead and chin. Why? Because that's how the lady at MAC told me to use it haha.

photo 1

Then the fancy level....

I'll omit the finishing powder (though I don't have to) and add bronzer (Bobbi Brown). I also get crazy and add a little eye shadow (Bobbi Brown)photo 4

photo 3

Bonus items!!!

photo 2MAC caffeine under eye cream for after those long nights with the littles and Benefit concealer for when I'm out and about.

I know that MAC and Bobbi Brown are not inexpensive. But putting stuff "on my face" is one of my things. I prefer quality over quantity. Below is my makeup stash. Not much. But it's all I need. I know some women have way less or way more and that's fine! This is just what I prefer for war paint.

photo 2

Thankfully I have a wonderful momma who usually gifts me Bobbi Brown for Christmas or my birthday so that's super nice haha.

Ok so there you have it! A super deep philosophical post about life and stuff haha...But seriously.