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Mass Book For The Littles


Last Sunday at church Andrew and I heard a whole homily. No cry room trips and no standing in the back. We heard all of it. One thing my husband and I have quickly learned is that church is hard with little kids. Unfortunately I think that drives a lot of young families away from church. They just stop coming because it's too hard. Taking kids to Mass is a struggle but it's worth it. How will they learn unless we keep practicing good behavior with them? Andrew and I have been trying to brain storm ways to help Peter behave. We know that there is no magic formula and every child is different. We came up with the idea to make Peter a "Mass Book". Basically it's a scrapbook of pictures and holy cards that he can only look at when he's in church. Hopefully it will give him something to look forward to and eventually signal "quiet time" and "good behavior". Haha. We can dream right?

Will it occupy him the whole time? Probably not. But it's worth a shot. The book still isn't finished. I have a few more pages to do and pictures to add. I want to include pictures of his godparents and James' godparents. Hopefully this will work and I'll be making one for James in the future! You know, once he stops trying to eat everything.

photo 1 I found a small scrapbook and some strikers I though Peter would like. photo 2Gathered up some of my favorite holy cards and pictures.

photo 3

photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1If you decide to try this with your little ones please share pics and let me know if it works!