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Five Favorites Vol. 33


Hello! I hope you all had a lovely Memorial Day weekend! I also hope that Tuesday was kind to you! Things are very busy around here as usual. The blog is going to be pretty quiet this week due to the craziness. This weekend my friend Jen is getting married! The festivities begin tomorrow night with her bachelorette party!

So while we're busy getting ready for all the fun, the boys decided that now would be a good time to get a stomach bug! While the worst of it hit over the weekend, it seems to be lingering in the diaper department ifyouknowhatimsaying... Today was the third morning in a row that James filled his diaper while eating breakfast. And not just "filled" it but made it explode up his front. Super impressive.

Oh are you eating lunch right now? Sorry. Should have warned you there was poop in this post haha. Thus is mom life ladies and gentlemen.  Anyway... In between the messy and the busy, I decided to make sure that I had dose of "pretty" as well. Here are my Five Favorites for the week!

1) Oatmeal

photo 4When I first started morning practice for swimming, my Dad would always make a big pot of oatmeal the night before. Then before he woke me up, he would heat up a bowl and sprinkle in some mini m&m's. Getting up for practice was always hard but having this special breakfast prepared by my Dad each morning made it a little easier. So in an effort to keep my husbands heart healthy, I bought some oatmeal for us to start having in the morning. Time to add to my oatmeal memories!

2) Peppermint Tea

photo 1I've really been enjoying a nice up of peppermint tea in the afternoons. Nothing fancy about it. Just soothing I suppose.

3) Coconut Oil

photo 2I'm a huge fan of coconut oil and I try to work it into our diet as much as possible. Sometimes that can be tough so I found encapsulated coconut oil to add to my vitamin line up.

4) Lip Obsession

photo 3You guys. The problem is real. I went to the Lancome counter at the mall to pick out a gloss or lipstick for the wedding this weekend. Well choosing just one didn't go so well as you can clearly see.

5) Lily Pulitzer

10338711_10152378796329361_4740094702380938272_nThe new 2014-2015 planners are available for pre-order! Be still my heart! Which one to choose?!

Ok so it might be a little while before I check back in! Have a wonderful week everyone!