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Homeschoolers Graduate Too

Homeschoolers get made fun of a lot. They are constantly under the watchful eye of a society that believes these poor children are being deprived of "Life". Which, isn't true at all.

I understand that not everyone who has homeschooled has had a great experience and I know that it isn't for everyone. But I am so sick and tired of people treating homeschoolers like they're victims. I am also super sick of homeschoolers being under the freaking microscope for everything they say. If a homeschooler so much as makes one grammar mistake everyone loses their minds. "Ha! Says the homeschooler!, they shout or even better "How's that homeschooling working out for ya?"

Calm down. But seriously calm down. I have no idea why some people are so absolutely driven to make homeschooling seem like an idiotic choice. Or why some people are CONVINCED that you have no social skills whatsoever.  You can find plenty of kids in a public, private, or parochial school that have no social skills.

So what's the point of this little rant? It's not to hate on those who are aren't homeschooled or on teachers in schools. It's just simply to say that it's time for some respect. It's time to stop treating homeschooled kids like freaks. Kids who are homeschooled can go on to do great things! And I have proof.

My sister Marisa.


Of course I'm proud of ALL my siblings but just recently I was reminded on exactly how proud I truly am. Marisa has been homeschooled since 2nd grade and a couple weekends ago she graduated high school. Cap, gown, diploma, everything. All of it. She pushed through a lot of heartache and grief given to her by those who just can't seem to make nice with homeschooling. There were many tears from the beginning all the way to the end because people looked down on her. Sounds a lot like something you'd experience in a regular school huh? See, homeschoolers don't miss out on much at all.

Marisa never backed down. She persevered and now look at her. She has her own photography business, she started a very unique fashion blog and will now be heading off to college in the fall. Now is this the path of every homeschooled child? Nope. They're all different. That's why homeschooling is so beautiful. It allows a parent to foster the strengths of their child and to help them grow to their fullest potential. Of course, that makes it sound like my siblings sit down inside a Disney movie everyday and do their school work with singing birds and cleaning mice (now wouldn't that be helpful?). They don't. It's hard but so very worth it.

I am so proud of Marisa. I can't wait to see what wonderful things the next four years hold for her.

So the next time you or someone you know starts swinging at homeschooling with a baseball bat, just remember my blogger, photographer, college bound sister.