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Five Favorites Vol. 34


Another Five Favorites coming to you from a messy kitchen and a disastrous living room. The washer is also beeping which means it's time to move the laundry.

But I don't want to.

So obviously it's a good time to blog.

I have to take advantage of this time! The boys are both playing/destroying the house quietly. I'm not sure what it is, maybe the heat, but the boys have been acting crazy lately. It's been the worst at bedtime. Last night Peter was exhausted and he fought sleep like it was his job (oh wait he's a toddler, that is his job). We finally just put him in his crib while he cried. Usually he settles down after a few minutes but not this time. Then all of a sudden, as Andrew I were talking in the living room, WE HEAR THE CRYING COMING FROM THE HALLWAY. I swear my heart rate was 200+. Here comes Peter walking down the hallway, still a sobbing snotty mess. Unbelievable. The kid escaped from his crib. Andrew and I have been able to come to no other conclusion other than that Peter is indeed Spiderman. However, the fact that he is a superhero will not change our parenting strategies at all. Now we just have those angsty teen (characteristic to spiderman) years to get through.

Anyway... (I seriously need some sleep)

Here are my Five Favorites!

1) Artifact Uprisingphoto 1 photo 2

I found a sweet little app called Artifact Uprising (I know, super hipster). You just upload 30 Instagram photos and they'll put them in a cute little book. You can even include the captions! You don't have to do IG either. You can also choose pictures from your photo library. Totally worth the $17ish dollars!

2) Magazines and coffee.photo 3

This morning I was sitting on the couch enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the kids play, when Peter brings me my Lucky magazine. It's like he knew! "Here mom, enjoy this light reading while we wreck the house." Such a good son. I must add that after he handed me the magazine, he then threw a bouncy ball into my coffee so the special moment was quite fleeting.

3) Gel Pens!

photo 1

During one of our recent adventures to Target I started thinking about how I'd like to color code my planner (yeah deep thoughts I know). So we took a stroll down the pen/paper isle and low and behold..I found the gel pens of my youth. I remember in 4th grade gel pens (and tamagotchi) had their own black market. Kids were always trading things for them and buying the newest ones. I mean, if you didn't have the specific brand everyone else had, you were an outcast. And heaven forbid you LOSE ONE. Suddenly everyone is on their hands and knees looking for your lost sparkly pink gel roll pen that your "bff" actually took from your desk. *ahem* Well, anywho.... I've decided to bring em back into my life.

4) Pineapplesphoto 2

I'm jumping on the pineapple wagon. Loving this summer trend. Found these two tanks at Old Navy!

5) Luna Bars

photo 3

Ok so funny story... In my freshman of college we had a fridge near the pool so we could grab protein shakes after our workout. Well the shakes proved to be a bad choice because all the girls were putting on too much weight. Then they switched to Luna bars and everything got much better haha. I've never been able to go back! They're my favorite for pre or post workout. Or good for those "just in case moments" when you find yourself starving with no food around.

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