Weekend Notes


I need to clean my windows. I just looked at the sliding door to our backyard and realized that it is desperately calling for help. There are finger prints, snot smears and slobber marks on that poor sliding door.


It never ends does it? The brain of a mommy is constantly thinking and remembering all the things that need to get done. And at the worst times too. I'm just trying to get out a nice little blog post and enjoy my coffee but all I can think about is that darn door. Seriously why am I not Mary Poppins? Why can't I just snap and get things done? Life would be soooo much easier. I could just snap, clean the wind, and get back to my blogging. But alas I can not.  So I'll be right back. Hold on.

Ok I'm back and the window is no longer bothering me. At this point I'm sure that you're convinced I've been breathing in too many windex fumes. It's possible. Or I'm just exhausted. A good exhaustion though. This weekend was full of adventures and surprises that kept the Starbuck family on their toes.

Saturday we drove to Phoenix for a bridal shower. I was honored to be hosting this party for one of my best friends. Krista and I met in college and have been friends ever since.

photo 1

The shower went really well! I'll have more pictures and details later this week. It was so much fun to put together.

While I was at the shower my husband and the boys were picking up my brother from the airport. If you haven't read his post on his trip to Calcutta you need to do that! So proud of my little bro.

Then we all met up for the Saturday night vigil Mass at St. Theresa's. This was the parish where I made my first communion. So it was really special getting to attend Mass there on the feast of Corpus Christi. After Mass, Thomas and I caught up with Fr. Chuck who has been at that parish for 23 years. He totally remembered us! It was great getting to chat with him for a little. Then I obviously had to recreate my First Communion picture haha.

photo 3 photo 2WIWS with Fine Linen and Purple <3

Shoes//H&M, Skirt//Gypse Threads, Pineapple Tank//Old Navy, Sweater//Old, Necklace// Bohme

Peter came up next to me and tried to imitate my First Communion picture too haha.


Then after Mass I met back up with the bride for her bachelorette party.

photo 4

While I was at the bachelorette party, Andrew and my brother took the boys out for pizza at a place called Hob Nobs.


They both could not stop talking about this orange blossom beer that they had. Andrew and Thomas highly recommend it if you're ever in Phoenix.

orange blossom

Then on Sunday we returned to Tucson and enjoyed steaks and swimming at my parents house.

And now we are recovering from all the fun. That means lots of coffee, several episodes of Veggie Tales and naps.