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Goins 2 Get Married


The official hashtag last weekend was #goins2getmarried. Seriously such a brilliant idea for a bride and groom. Then all the social media pics are in one place! Technology gets super annoying sometimes but it also impresses me every now and then.

Since I was in the wedding party I didn't bother doing any pictures on my camera. I just snapped what I could from my smart phone. My bridesmaid dress had pockets (again!) so I was able to hide my phone in my pocket for some really nice close ups during the ceremony haha.

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably already saw these but I thought I'd put them together for a post anyway. I also included some pictures that my husband took as well. It was such a gorgeous weekend. I am so happy for Krista and Ben!

photo 1

Father James was Andrew and I's spiritual director while we were dating. He finally got to meet the little baby that was named after him!

photo 2

First dance....

photo 310430438_10152468098695659_3126142170478871310_n

No wedding cake. However there were donuts.... It was amazing. Especially since we thought all the chocolate ones were gone and then Andrew hunted one down for me. True love <3

photo 2 10012544_10152468112260659_6162169535041752648_n

The next day we hung out at a resort with my family. There was lots of swimming, fruit water, and fancy plates. Some of my favorite things!!

photo 1 photo 2

And then a sibling picture... The Magnificent 7 and one in heaven!

photo 1Time to get ready for another great weekend!