Boring No More: Fruit Infused Waters

I have always been a water drinker. Drinking water has so many health benefits but it's often looked over. A hydrated body is a healthy body. Living here in the desert means that I am constantly making sure that the boys and I are hydrated. One of my favorite things to do is add fruit to my water to jazz it up a bit. There is nothing like a hot Arizona afternoon with a cold drink in hand. I recently tried out a ton of fruit combinations for my water and I wanted to share them! Now I use a fruit infuser/ice tea maker but you don't really need one. You can just stick the fruit in a cold glass of water or add it to giant pitcher. It's really up to you! My infuser is nice because I can put the fruit in and let it infuse overnight.

SONY DSCMy mom found this infuser for me at the grocery store but you can also find some like this one on amazon. So after many delicious taste tests...Here are my favorites!

1) Cucumber//Mint

SONY DSCAll the freshness of a mojito but without the alcohol. Perfect for pregnant mamas!

2) Raspberry//Lime

SONY DSCThis one is for those of you who like things on the tart side. Infusing over night is too long but a couple hours does the trick. It's also good to slightly puncture the raspberries so that the juices soak into the water and give it a fun pink color.

3) Mango//Cantaloupe

SONY DSCThe flavors of this water are very soft. Make sure you use fresh mango and cantaloupe to get the full flavors. Sometimes precut fruit is a little dried out and won't infuse as well.

4) White Nectarine//Rosemary

SONY DSCI was a little unsure about adding rosemary to my water but I was pleasantly surprised with how good it was!! The white nectarine adds a little sweetness and the rosemary is crisp. Loved this combination!

5) Blueberry//Pineapple

SONY DSCI knew I wanted a water infusion with pineapple but adding another fruit to pair it with was tough because I didn't want it to become too tart. Adding blueberries solved that problem! Soft blueberries are best. Again, make sure you puncture the blueberries so that the juices can infuse the water.

6) Plum//Grapefruit

SONY DSCI love grapefruit with a little bit of sugar. So for my grapefruit water I added plum for a little bit of sweetness. Purple plums (not pictured) work best for this combination.

7) Peach//Pomegrant

SONY DSCOne of my favorites snacks is a handful of pomegranate seeds. But watch out because they stain haha! For this water combination I punctured/smashed the seeds a little and added peaches. Just be careful with the amount of seeds because they can easily over power the peach.

8) Lemon//Strawberry

SONY DSCFor this water infusion I strongly recommend finding the sweetest strawberries you can. That might mean letting them get a little soft before adding them to the water. If you use tart strawberries then adding lemon just makes for a a very sour glass of water haha. Lemon water can stand on it's own but the sugary strawberries make it sweet.

9) Watermelon//Basil

SONY DSCSaved the best for last! This one is my all time favorite. Juicy watermelon and fresh basil make for an amazing combination. Watermelon and basil are good outside of water too! Just add a little mozzarella and balsamic reduction for a delicious summer salad!

So these were my favorite combinations but I totally plan on playing around with whatever fresh fruit we have in the house. If you have any other combinations that you love let me know! I am always looking for ways to drink more water! Stay hydrated my friends!