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First Trimester Tips


It's birthday week in the Starbuck household! Tomorrow James will turn one and then the next day Peter will turn two! We will do a little something in the evening on those days and then have a small party Saturday with family and close friends. It is just amazing how fast the time goes! A year ago today I was certain that James had just decided to stay in my womb forever, but he hadn’t even hit his due date yet! I'm just a little impatient when it gets in that home stretch haha. So since I'm taking a walk down memory lane and thinking of my last two pregnancies, I thought I'd share a few things I've learned.

Every pregnancy is different and every woman experiences that first trimester a little differently. Some women barely have any symptoms and some women get so sick that they're in the hospital. For me, my biggest issues are nausea, headaches and fatigue. A few other lovely symptoms are sprinkled in here and there but those are my big three. So like I said, everyone is different but here are a few things that helped through those early months...


-Peppermint tea: Helps with stomach aches.

-Sparkling water: Helps with stomach aches and ESPECIALLY nausea. I know some women reach for the ginger ale but the sugar gives me heart burn. So I'd rather not solve one problem only to get another haha.

-Minty gum: Soooooo I get really bad breath that first trimester. I'm always brushing my teeth and chewing on gum.


-Prenatal Vitamins: As soon as I get that positive test I'm taking prenatal vitamins. I try to continue taking them even after baby is born just because they have so many good things for you. Fun fact, I was totally taking these in college as a multi vitamin. Maybe that's why I keep getting pregnant now lol. Just kidding. That's not science.

-Anti-nausea pills: Found these all natural pills at Whole Foods. I didn't start taking them until 11 weeks so it felt like they were working but I might have just started feeling better since I was getting close to my second trimester. Whole Foods also has anti-nausea wrist bands made for pregnant women and chemo patients. I haven't tried them personally but I hear that they work pretty well.

-Tums: Helps with bloating grossness and heartburn. But try not to take more than one or two a day because it's a lot of calcium for your system to absorb. They also have aluminum in them which isn't great. But when all the other natural heartburn remedies fail me (only sometimes) I give into the Tums. Things like a little shot of half n half or pears work pretty well naturally.


-Lip Salve/Chapstick: I get soooooo thirsty during pregnancy and my lips always feel chapped. So I keep some sort of chapstick, balm, or salve always handy.

-Bar of soap: For some odd reason the smell of shower gels killlllssss me in the first trimester. I may be the only one who has this problem but anything too strong-smelling (like perfume too) in that first trimester gives me the worst headache. So I usually find a very mild smelling bar of soap. And then I get slightly paranoid thinking about that one episode of Downton Abbey involving a pregnant lady and a bar of soap....

-Chocolate: First trimester I crave a ton of sweets but then they make me nauseous and give me heartburn. SO. I just enjoy a little piece of dark chocolate (all the antioxidants!) and call it even.


As far as fatigue goes? There really isn't much help there. A little caffeine will only help so much. I mean, your body is growing a small human! That is a lot of work. Just embrace it and take a nap. (If you can, haha.)

I'd love to hear what works for you! I will still occasionally get a nasty headache so if anyone has any remedies for that during pregnancy send them my way! Happy Monday!