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Five Favorites - Barista Daddy Style Vol.01



FIVE FAVORITES – BARISTA DADDY STYLE - VOL. 01 The nerd behind the camera of Susana’s WIWS posts is giving her a break from blogging and comin’ atcha with MY Five Favorites! Prepare to be totally whelmed!

1. Spider-Man Blue


Our anniversary was just last month and I was in Kansas taking teens to the Life Teen Leadership Conference at Benedictine University. It was a phenomenal experience, but it was definitely hard being away from my beloved during our anniversary. Talk about mixed emotions! However, my beautiful bride hid a present in my bag and I found it on the airplane (luckily it wasn’t a gun or something…that would’ve made it awkward getting through security). She got me Spider-Man : Blue, a graphic novel by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. If you’re nerdy, those are the guys who did Batman’s Long Halloween and Hush graphic novels. The art is retro and fantastic and takes a look back at Spider-Man’s first love, Gwen Stacy. I’m excited to pick up the rest of those guys’ “color-theme” books. Seriously LOVE the retro art:


2. Life Teen


Since this is my first “five favorites” on here, I’m gonna have to go with Life Teen since they’ve been transformational in my life and continue to inspire me (coincidentally, “Inspire[d]” is their theme for the year). As I wrote above, I recently went to the Life Teen Leadership Conference (only my second time going) and what they do to help bring teens closer to Christ is nothing short of amazing. Two weeks before that, Susana and I went to Life Teen’s CYMC (Catholic Youth Ministry Convention), which is for youth minister’s to get additional training / new ideas / new contacts. I’ve gone to those for years and they just keep getting better! This year I got to meet Scott Hahn and Lino Rulli and had a mild case of Catholic-fanboy-itis. Thus far in my 12 years of doing ministry, Life Teen has been the best source of Catholic youth ministry resources. We’ve always kept our eyes/ears open for other resources and occasionally we utilize some (like using Chris Stefanick’s Chosen confirmation program this year), but I simply love Life Teen, their programs, their resources and their amazing staff. If you’re interested in bringing the Life Teen movement to your parish, I’d be happy to talk more about it with you ((starbuck(at)stapyouth(dot)com)) and get you in contact with the right people for your region!

3. Dicky's BBQ


Dickey’s BBQ just recently opened up in Tucson and to really understand my dilemma, you have to know that I LOVE some good BBQ. Especially ribs or brisket. But beef doesn’t agree with me all that well so it usually a battle between my taste buds cheering for some steak and my stomach threatening me with this kind of pain:


Surprisingly, when I had Dickey’s brisket…no stomach-revolt! And there was much rejoicing:


4. Castle Crashers


This isn’t a new game but my buddy David recently got me back into it and I had forgot how fun it is. I bought it on XBOX Live Arcade probably 2 years ago and played it with some friends but then forgot about it. The simplicity of the game makes it easy enough that even a non-gamer (like Susana) can jump in and play for a bit…but it’s also pretty light on time-consumption so even for the busy dad, it’s simple to play for 15 or 30 minutes and then shut it off and get back to whatever honey-do list your wife has made for you. Also, the humor is juvenile and funny (you escape from one monster by riding on a deer who is propelled forward by defecation) and the graphics are reminiscent of the artist’s older works on Newgrounds like Alien Hominid. If you just want some fun, side-scrolling, multiplayer gaming for pretty cheap than you can’t go wrong here.


5. Loot Crate - Villians

photo 1

Susana has tried out a couple of those random boxes that you get once a month that have a bunch of girly junk in them like lotions and soaps and fancy coffee mugs, etc. I made a big, pouty deal one day that I never get a random box full of stuff I like…and then she ordered me a Loot Crate. Loot Crate is a cool company that caters to nerds and geeks. I have enough nerdy/geeky friends that I’m confident that even if I don’t care about a certain item, I’m sure someone I know will! This month was themed “Villains” and contained a Bowser magnet, a Darth Vader keychain, a Joker/Loki mashup t-shirt, poster art of both Harley Quinn and The Joker, a Guardians of the Galaxy comic book (created specifically for Loot Crate), a CD full of DC Villain goodness (er…”evilness”), and Deadpool Socks. Plus, it appears that random villains wrote all over the inside of the box. Clever.

photo 2 photo 3

So there you go, those are my Five Favorites right now. Back to your regularly scheduled Barista Mommy posts!