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Irish Twin Diaries


Now that I have a two year old and a one year old, I figured it was time for another Irish Twins update. It is simply unbelievable how much they are growing and learning. They continue to blow me away everyday with the little developments in their personalities.


-Peter loves to listen to a CD called "Toddler Favorites" in the car. It's just a collection of children's songs and rhymes. While it drives me slightly insane when it is playing for the 100th billion time, it is ADORABLE when Peter sings along. Now he gets mad if I start singing too. He's like "MOM! I want to hear this song!" Maybe not in those words exactly but you get the idea.

-James has been fondly nicknamed "Food Truck". Why? Because this kid will eat just about ANYTHING. Also, his stocky frame reminds us of a truck.

-Peter is getting "better" at sharing. At least I think he understands the concept now. When I ask him to share with James he'll do it. If he wants to haha. So I know he knows what I'm saying. It just depends on what I'm asking him to share haha.

-James is walking all over the place! Each day he crawls a little less and walks a little more. Hearing his little feet walk down the hallway is so sweet. He gets so proud of himself after he's done walking. He'll look back at me and give me a little smile "See Mom? See what I did?!" So cute.

-Peter is starting to actually play with his toys. Like right now he is playing with his new Avenger action figures. The Hulk is currently smashing to all my couch cushions haha.

-James is weaning. I have mixed feelings about that for sure. If #3 wasn't on the way I'd still be nursing no problem. However, it's really painful and I'm almost 100% sure that I've dried up. It was around this time when I was pregnant with James that Peter stopped nursing. I know that this needs to happen but it still makes me sad. Then I remind myself that I'll be nursing another little one in December so it's all good.

-Peter now

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does this thing where he just takes his pants off. If they are just the slightest bit loose he takes it upon himself to just drop his shorts. He does it at home and in public. So yeah that's fun.

-James is starting to say words! He copies a lot of what Peter says which is adorable.

-When we're at church Peter will choose the quietest times to point to the altar and yell "Jesus!". It's really precious but very distracting for everyone else I'm sure.

-The boys love bath time. However, we are currently trying to get them to understand that the water is supposed to stay in the tub.

-Peter and James are really starting to play with each other. It's mostly running/walking/ crawling all around the house while they scream and laugh at each other. But it's obvious they both understand the game and it is too much fun to watch.

-Earlier this morning James had the Fisher Price motorcycle stuck in some of the kitchen chairs. He was getting really frustrated that he couldn't get it out (he loves to push it around like a little walker). I was being lazy and didn't want to get up from the couch so I asked Peter to help him get it out. I was pretty positive Peter would just look at me and then continue doing his thing but I was wrong! He stopped what he was doing and helped James! This was super encouraging because Peter is really going to have to step up as a big brother once the baby gets here.

-For one day they were both one years old. How time has flown! And since it's Thursday...Here are a few throw backs to this time a year ago <3

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-And now look at my Irish Twins!


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My hands are full but my heart is even more so.