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Fun Finds Friday


A little afternoon post to go with your afternoon coffee?

I am such a sucker for branding. This consumerism culture has my number. But that's nothing new. About a month ago we stayed at the Princess resort in Scottsdale. Everything about that place was beautiful (take me back!), even the bathroom toiletries. I saw these little suckers and immediately heard Iggy Azalea singing in my head (I'M SO FANCY!). I may or may not have started singing into my hairbrush.

Rose 31

First of all, it says rose right on the package. I mean...come on. I love roses. Then I opened the lid and breathed in deeply. Oh . My. Gosh. If St. Therese the Little Flower had a scent, it would have been this stuff. The smell is so soft but undeniably reminiscent of a rose garden. Right now you're all like "Calm down Susana it's freaking bath soap". I am well aware of this. But ever since I was little I've always loved the smelly soaps and lotions. I know there are healthier things for your skin but I could really care less. Ugh like Eucerin? Grrrrroooossssssss.

Anyway so the next logical step was to look up this brand. I was pretty much expecting to be looking at $100 bottle of lotion but I was wrong. Only $65 hahaha. So I won't be purchasing a bottle of this stuff any time soon. I just have to make my little hotel bottles last as long as I can. Maybe before the baby is due I'll buy some as part of my 'Treat Yo' Self" philosophy haha. The company is called Le Labo Creations aka shutupandtakemymoney creations.


Happy Friday!