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Dear Aria - 20 Weeks

If you follow me on any form of social media, then I'm sure you saw that we are having a baby girl! We are beyond excited. It's going to be so fun having a little more estrogen in the house haha. I am going to be pinning little girl stuff for daysssssss.

One thing I was planning on doing regardless of the baby's gender, was to start a series of letters on the blog. Starting around halfway, I wanted to write a little letter each week to the baby. The idea is that I'll print these out and put them in a book for her to read someday. We are for sure naming this baby girl Aria. Rose is the front runner for her middle name but that could change. Putting these letters on the blog holds me accountable to write as often as I can haha. I'm also going to try and combine them with my WIWS posts. So we'll see how that works!

Here we go!


Dear Aria,

We are so so so excited to meet you. I had a feeling you were little girl from the very beginning. Right after I found out I was pregnant, I was eating something spicy and I immediately had the feeling that I was carrying a very "spicy" little girl! The first few weeks I didn't feel very pregnant. Your brothers kept me on my toes and even though I was busy chasing them, you were still always on my mind. Around 8 weeks I totally knew I was pregnant. You knocked me off my feet! The fatigue, headaches, nausea, and acne were unbelievable but obviously so worth it. 

With your brothers I totally put on a ton of weight haha. So this time around I am trying to have my healthiest pregnancy yet. When I pick salad over french fries, I do it for you. When I choose exercise over Netflix, I do it for you.

I can't wait to dress you up and put bows in your hair! I also can't wait to teach you how to be strong and independent. With two older brothers I have no doubt that you are going to be one tough little girl. 

Little girl you are already so loved...



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