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Five Favorites Vol.37


Half way through the pregnancy! I'm getting slower and I'm pretty sure a little rounder. That's ok though! It happens. I got some pretty lame news from the doctors office on Monday. My placenta is "low lying" so that means I'm on pelvic rest. What does that mean? Well it pretty much means exactly what it says. I can't do any strenuous exercise or lift anything over 20 lbs, which I find hilarious because both Peter and James are 20+. However, I would rather not suffer any of the complications that come with a low lying placenta, so I will happily oblige. Whatever is best for the baby right?

Since becoming a mother my sense of "self-sacrifice" has been heightened. It's amazing to realize that you aren't just responsible for yourself anymore. There is no hesitation in doing what is best for my babies. Is it easy? Hardly ever. But that's what's beautiful about self-sacrifice, it isn't easy but you do it out of love, for those that you love. Even when your beloved children grab a box of frosted Mini Wheats while you're in the bathroom and dump all the contents onto the kitchen floor.... You show love (through the yelling and tears while cleaning it up) and still know that you would do anything for them in a heartbeat.

Well nothing like a heavy topic to kick start the morning right? Ok so Five Favorites for this "pelvic rest" momma who keeps stepping on cereal crumbs.

1) Fresh Flowers

photo 1

This isn't a new favorite but I was super happy to find these snap dragons at Trader Joe's. I wish I could say that looking at them makes me forget the fact that my placenta is low lying (since I can't seem to stop thinking about that darn placenta!) but that would be a huge lie. However, they do make the room look nice. Plus I like to play this game where I keep something super breakable out in the open and then I see how long before one of the boys breaks it. It's a fun game. Never disappoints.

2) Coffee

photo 2

Again, no surprise here. Found this concentrated cold brew at Trader Joe's and it's pretty good. It's great for those hot AZ afternoons when I'm low in energy and don't want to do anything productive ever again. Making myself an iced coffee is a nice little boost to finish out the day. (But I'm still passed out by 9:00 because HELLO PREGNANCY).

3) Phone Accessories

photo 1 photo 2

Love love love my new case from Kate Spade buttttt I'd be lying if I said I already didn't have my eye on another one haha. Then my husband surprised me with a 3 in 1 lens kit to use on my phone. So excited to use these!

4) Nickel and Suede

photo 3

In college I noticed that the earrings I started wearing were just getting bigger and bigger. When my Dad sees my earrings he usually says something like "I don't think those are big enough." The problem with big earring is that they are often super heavy. Which is why I am totally in love with Nickel and Suede. These earring are a soft leather and as light as a feather. See? This is what happens when I'm on pelvic rest. I sit around and think of stupid rhymes.

5) Birthday Cards

photo 3

In case you ever see me on the show hoarders it will be because of these ^^^. I have such a hard time throwing out cards. For our wedding cards I made a super cute scrapbook. Now I save all the cards thinking "Of course someday I will put all these cards together in a scrapbook and the boys will love it!"............................... Yeah so it's a nice dream.

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