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Pregnancy Fitness

I remember during the weeks leading up to my wedding I thought I was gaining weight. I was convinced that my swimmer physique was quickly becoming depleted. Then the other day I was looking at wedding pictures and other pictures from that time and I burst out laughing. I was so skinny! What the heck was I thinking?! I couldn't believe how warped my views were of my body. Then I realized something else...

Nothing has changed. I still see myself as "not good enough" and just downright fat. My body has been through so much within the past few years and I can't even cut myself some slack. My body has made two little miracles (and is currently working on number three)! That's amazing! My main focus is no longer training and racing in the pool. My new focus is my vocation and my children and it's OK if I don't look like I did in college.

With that said, now that my children are a top priority, I still want to be "in shape" to take care of them. I mean there is a certain amount of fitness that just naturally comes with being a mom, it's just about finding the balance. I'm at peace with the fact that I will never be "wedding skinny" again but I also want to be healthy for my kids and look good for my husband.

With Peter and James I made some mistakes in my pregnancy. It was really hard to not fall into the whole "eating for two" mentality. Getting "cravings" is really exciting and you're just like "What the heck, I'm pregnant! I'll eat this large chocolate sundae, no big deal!" I gained a lot of weight with both pregnancies. It made for a longer/slower recovery and losing the weight was a battle. So this time around I didn't want that. Realizing that I'll have three under three was a bit of a wake-up call. I'll need to be back on top of my game pretty quickly after baby Aria is born. I want this to be my healthiest pregnancy yet!

So the day after I found out I was pregnant I came up with a fitness plan.


I committed to working out every other day. Now knowing that "life happens" and sometimes the workout doesn't happen. A lot of times "being pregnant" happens and I honestly don't have the energy. But I told myself that if  I had the time and I was up for it, I'd do at least 20-30 minutes of exercise. So what have I been doing?

-Swimming as often as I can. If I could swim everyday I would but finding someone to watch the boys while I go can be tough. Swimming will always be my go to method of working out whether I'm pregnant or not (Helms is my maiden name).


-Walks! I love taking walks with the boys. My grandmother very generously bought us a double stroller and it is my favorite for long walks. Unfortunately, walks outside are on hold until the weather cools down a little. When it's already 80 degrees at 7:00 a.m. that can be a bit discouraging.

-Workout DVD's! I totally blew these off my first two pregnancies, however they have been HUGE for me this time around. I can do them while the boys or napping or even while they play. The Kathy Smith workout is from the early 90's and it was the one my mom did for most of her pregnancies! She got it for me as a joke but I seriously love the aerobic section of this video. The Summer Sanders video is fantastic because she used to be a swimmer too! So the whole workout wakes up muscle groups I haven't used in a while. I also love what Summer says in the video "This workout isn't for weight loss. This is for a healthy baby and a healthy momma!" Amen sister! You can find both DVD's on Amazon.


Now for a plot twist! If you read my Five Favorites on Wednesday then you read that I've been put on "pelvic rest". The only exercise I'm allowed to do is walking and swimming. I was in mourning for like two days. I didn't do any kind of exercise. Part of me wanted to just throw my hands in the air and just say WHATEVER I just won't workout anymore. But then after two days of feeling totally disgusting I decided that I just couldn't do that. I'll go swim when I can and I'll do my best to find cool places to get walks in.

Which brings me to yesterday. In the morning I loaded up the boys in the car and we headed to the Tucson Mall to get a walk in. First things first, we got to the mall and grabbed coffee and cake pops. I had to make sure Peter had something to occupy himself other than sticking his fingers in James' nose and ears.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Aria wanted one too.

Then we headed up the elevator to the second floor to walk some laps.

photo 1

Now we go to the second floor to avoid all the "cart" people. You KNOW who I'm talking about. "Excuse me would you like to try this lotion made with the tears of unicorns?" No. No, thank you. One time when I was pregnant with Peter someone tried to stop me and I told them my water just broke. The look on that guy's face was priceless.

After 30 minutes of fast walking and funny looks, we headed back down to the play area so the kids could stretch their legs.

photo 2 photo 4 photo 3

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

I fondly like to call the mall play area "germ city" and I find it completely ironic that the things they get to climb on are stuff you find at the doctors. BUT anyway.... They boys totally deserved to stretch their legs and use up some energy after being strapped into the stroller for so long.

So my fitness routine as had to change a little bit but that's OK. I've worked too hard to make sure this is a healthy pregnancy to just throw in the towel now.