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Dear Aria - 21 Weeks

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Here is another letter to my sweet Aria as well as a link up with Fine Linen and Purple. You can see last weeks letter here.


Dear Aria,

Lately your brothers have decided that my belly is a great place to practice the drums. Sorry about that. I try to explain that you're in there and that they need to be gentle. Pretty sure they don't believe me. But I tell them anyway. I tell them that around Christmas time they are going to get a baby sister! I tell them that you love them so much already and that you are so excited to play with them. They just give me a sweet little smile and continue to use the both of us like a drum.

Daddy is also very excited for you to get here. He can't wait to have a little baby girl waiting for him when he comes home. I bought you some little headbands and he didn't even mind. Mommy likes to spend Daddy's money....

Sometimes when we are all together as a family, I will feel like someone is missing and I know that someone is you. Even though you are "with us" my mind is already listening for your cry and looking for you to come crawling around the corner.

You aren't quite as active in the womb as your brothers but I'm sure that has time to change haha. I do love it when I feel your little kicks. I don't even mind (for now) when you move up towards my ribs and decide to do some flip turns. Your little flutters are the highlight of my day.

I love you little baby. I can't wait to see your rosy lips and your beautiful little eyes. I can't wait to nurse you and catch your sweet little yawns next to my face. I can't wait for you in my arms. 

~Love Mommy


WIWS: Dress//ModCloth, Shoes//Brickyard Buffalo, Sweater//Kohl's (old)