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Five Favorites Vol. 38


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It's a cloudy day, the boys are napping, I've got a cup of tea, and I'm snuggled under some extremely thin blankets (because it's still like 100+ degrees outside). Hoping for a nice monsoon storm this afternoon but we shall see!

Before I jump into my Five Favorites I just wanted to thank everyone for their support of yesterday's post. Motherhood is hard enough as it is and I don't need negative attitudes in my life to make it even harder. So the positivity and sweetness many of you showed makes me very happy.

Ok so some quick Five Favorites!

1) Fresh Cosmetics

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Tried out Fresh's tinted lip treatments and I have no regrets! It's like the best chapstick in the world with a little bit of color. Plus it has spf 15 which is super helpful here in the desert. When I bought these two tubes of delightfulness, the lady threw in a sample of their under eye cream (thanks lady, I can take a hint) and I am loving it! It goes on so smooth and I actually thinks it helps with my dark circles.

2) Macaron's

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Our local AJ's bakery has started selling macrons! Not to be confused with "macaroons". I made the mistake and now I understand the difference. I WISH I liked the super colorful ones but they're fruity and I'm just a vanilla and chocolate girl. Pictured above is, chocolate, vanilla, rose with vanilla, and peanut butter and jelly. Oh yes.

3) Kate Spade

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So a Kate Spade store just opened up in Tucson. I'd say that it means "trouble" but I'd be lying. I can't afford 99% of that stuff. However that 1% is this gorgeous little pencil case inspired by Jane Austen's "Emma". As a self proclaimed Austenite (as in I love Jane Austen, not the gamma phase iron), I had to have it.

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4) Eric Carle

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While wondering Anthropologie (picking out a present for my friend's bridal shower) I found these amazing Eric Carle number flash cards. He was one of my favorite authors growing up and already Peter and James enjoy his books a lot. I mean James practically is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". As soon as we were home Peter wanted to open the box. So we did and then we laid out all the cards and looked at the different animals and the numbers. It was so wonderful to see Peter really absorbing what was on each card.

5) 26 Letters To Heaven

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For the past month I've been researching preschool curriculums to start with Peter. I've already found some amazing resources! Both Camp Patton and House Unseen had great things to say about 26 Letters to Heaven. So I went ahead and ordered it and I'm so excited to use it! Granted, there are many things in the book that Peter isn't quite ready for but it is a great starting place for learning all his letters and their sounds. While I still have some materials in route, I've begun to draw up some VERY loose and relaxed lesson plans for Peter using this book. We will see how it goes! As soon as I start the school year with Peter I'll make sure to keep you updated with what works and what doesn't (for us at least)!

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Have a great rest of your day everyone!