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Dear Aria - 23 Weeks


Dear Aria,

You must be getting so big because I have been so hungry! Things that I've realized you like....spicy food (specifically Cholula sauce) and peanut butter. Not together of course! But those are things that we must have constantly stocked in the house. 

We had another doctors appointment last week and everything is looking good! My baby bump is measuring right on target and your heart beat is strong. Next appointment is the glucose test. Yuck. But for you? I would do anything.

The mornings have started to cool down a bit. You love going for morning walks with your brothers. They just sit content in the stroller with their apple sauce and sippy cups  The walking always puts you to sleep. At the beginning you are moving like crazy but by the end I think you've settled down for a little nap. 

I also love how much you are moving now! Sometimes when I think I haven't felt you in a little while, I will stop what I'm doing and just sit. You force me to slow down, enjoy the moment, play or read with your brothers, and just be still. I love that about you. 

Your brothers still have no idea what's going on. I tell them that they are going to have a baby sister and they just smile and nod. I'm pretty sure Peter thinks I've named by belly button Aria. While James continues to use you as a drum, Peter has started "practicing" taking care of his baby doll. It's really sweet.

We love you so much baby Aria. 



What I Wore Sunday: Dress//LuLaRoe, Scarf//Forever 21, Shoes//Gianni Bini